2016 Silver Circle Awards

The Silver Circle Award is awarded to recognize NETAR members who have given their time and efforts to help the real estate industry and their community.

The award is based on a point system keyed to annual participation in civic, community, professional and educational events and programs.

Recipients of the Silver Circle Award must acquire 300 points based on a schedule that awards varied points for attendance at membership functions.

Pam Addington - Wagner
Karrom Boonsue
Josh Cooon
Robin Edens
Colette George
Kay Hale
Heather Leach
Louie Leach
Donna Mikesh
Kathy Oaks
Jeff Orr
Carolyn Phillips
Carol Pitts
Karen Randolph
Cody Rife
Robert Sampson
Jan Stapleton
Connie Strickland
Jane Thornton
Kelly Wherry