TREC 1 (Transfer, Release or Change of Status)



Complete And Return To:

Northeast Tennessee Association of REALTORS®

105 Tri-City Business Park Drive, Gray, TN  37615

Phone:  423-477-0040               Fax:  423-477-0065


NETAR Transfer Fee:  $100.00                            Two (2) Separate Checks

TN/VA Regional MLS Transfer Fee:  $50.00


Licensee's Name:  ________________________________  License # ___________________

Licensee's Address  ____________________________________________________________

Licensee's Phone # _____________________________________________________________

Transfer From ___________________________________________  Firm MLS # ___________

(Firm Name)


As The Releasing Broker I Hereby Affirm That The Undersigned Licensee Is Transferring His/Her REALTOR® Membership And That The Following Conditions Have Been Accomplished.


_____ Membership Dues for the Calendar Year _____Have _____Have Not Been Paid to THE NORTHEAST TENNESSEE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

_____ MLS Dues Have Been Collected Through AND Including the Month of _____ by Me, AND Any Dues for Subsequent Months Shall be the Responsibility of _________________, the Receiving Broker.


_______________________________________      ______________________________________

Releasing Broker/Designated Realtor®     Date              Licensee's Signature                     Date




Receiving Firm Name _____________________________ Firm # __________

Firm Address ________________________________________________________________________

Firm Phone # _________________________     Fax# _________________________

Firm License # _______________________________________________________________________


I Have This Date ___________________ Investigated the Applicant AND Believe Him/Her to be Truthful AND of Good Reputation.  I Request That He/She be Transferred to My Office As A Realtor® Under the Following Conditions:

_____ $100.00 NETAR Transfer Fee Accompanies This Form.

_____ $50.00 TN/VA Regional MLS Transfer Fee Accompanies This Form.

_____ MLS Dues for the Month of ______________ AND Subsequent Months Shall be My Responsibillity.

_____ Agent's MLS I.D. # ____________

_____ Agent's Lockbox Key # ____________

_____ Agents Listings Will be Withdrawn in the MLS __________

_____ The Following Listings are to be Transferred with the Agent Listings:








_______________________________________      ______________________________________

Receiving Broker/Designated Realtor®     Date              Licensee's Signature                     Date