Opportunity Zones

Treasury makes real estate a winner of tax law's 'opportunity zones'

New ‘Opportunity Zone’ Tax-Break Rules Offer Flexibility to Developers

The Trump administration, trying to accelerate tax-advantaged investment in low-income areas, offered generous definitions and rules Friday in a long-awaited package of regulations.

According to the Wall Street Journal the Treasury Department designed the rules for the Opportunity Zone program to give businesses enough flexibility and certainty to start making major investments, senior department officials said.

The program was a small piece of last year’s tax law and has been attracting intense attention from real-estate developers and fund managers who have been soliciting wealthy investors holding unrealized capital gains.

For the full report go to https://www.wsj.com/articles/new-opportunity-zone-tax-break-rules-offer-flexibility-to-developers-1539948600

Follow this link for a listing of local and regional opportunity zones https://www.cdfifund.gov/Pages/Opportunity-Zones.aspx?mod=article_inline