February 3, 2019

Realtor® of Distinction sets high standard for real estate professionals


Twenty-eight Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors® (NETAR) members were recognized for achieving one of the association’s top honors during a recent meeting in Greeneville. They were individually awarded the 2018 Realtor® of Distinction.

Karen Randolph
2019 NETAR President

The Realtor® of Distinction award announcements are an annual part of the installation of new officers and directors.  The award is recognition of a yearly commitment to continuing education, advocacy, participation in professional functions, and their all-important service to their community and community organizations. By any definition, the recipients demonstrate the dedication required to be recognized among the best in the real estate profession.

When you look at the overall performance of these individuals, their ability to rise to their calling, work relentlessly for their clients, and attend to their community. it shows the loftiness of their skillful profession. In fact, it takes a lot of skill and commitment just to keep up with mandated continuing education requirements, and these recipients have exponentially surpassed the minimum.  Most of them have multiple professional real estate designations as well.

Realtors® go beyond state licensing requirements by subscribing to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. They are constantly attending classes, workshops, and seminars to improve the standards of their calling while volunteering at community or professional organizations plus taking care of their real estate business.  NETAR hosts many of those training sessions and the Realtor® of Distinction award-winners were often part of those sessions as students and in some cases, instructors, helping their peers hone their skills. 

Realtor® of Distinction recipients are leaders and participants in multiple civic and community organizations. They devote countless hours of their time and resources to those organizations which makes our communities a better place to live.  You could say these Realtors® are more than houses.  Their humanitarian spirit shines through them as they strive to leave legacies of leadership and servitude.  Without hard work, good training, and passion for both the real estate profession and commitment to making their communities better, these 28 award recipients would be no different than the majority.  When you peel back the layers of their profession, you will see real estate is not an easy career. 

The criteria designed for the NETAR’s Realtor® of Distinction Award is based on mere achievement.  This award represents the highest standards and is the benchmark for the real estate profession.  It is not easily attainable and production only accounts for 20% of the award’s guidelines. Living up to that standard is what the Realtor® of Distinction Award is about.

 The 2018 Realtor® of Distinction recipients include: Kristi Bailey, Karrom Boonsue, Stephanie Conner, Sharon Duncan, Robin Edens, Colette George, Kay Hale, Diane Hills, Barbara Hubbs, Eric Kistner, Donna Lampkins, Gwen Lilley, Leann Mahaffey, Jewell McKinney, Sandra Moores, Ginger Nixon, Kathy Oakes, Carol Pitts, Sheila Postell, Cody Rife, Mary Shull, Jamie Skeen, Jan Stapleton, Manuel Steffey, Donna Stone, Rita Vestel, Pam Addington Wagner, and yours truly Karen Randolph.

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