October 28, 2018

Realtors® keep standard high with education, leadership training



Aaron Taylor
2018 NETAR President

Drive by the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors® (NETAR) office in Gray and on most days, you'll see a crowded parking lot.  When the association or the multiple listing service isn't conducting new member orientations or - in concert with affiliates – hosting lunch and learns or seminars there's a full schedule of continuing education classes.

Many of these events are linked to the fact that Realtors® go beyond state licensing requirements by subscribing to the National Association of Realtors’® (NAR) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. That means they commit to continuing education. So, they’re constantly attending classes, workshops and seminars.

According to a survey of NAR members, 39 percent hold at least one of six certifications in specialized training.

In addition to certifications 36 percent of Realtors® have at least one professional designation that also have prescribed education requirements.

The difference between a certification and designation is certifications are earned by continuing education and payment of a one-time certification fee. Designations are linked to issuing bodies that Realtors® pay dues to after they’ve met the organizations’ education requirements.

In addition to a Realtor's® continuing education and ongoing sessions necessary to stay current on the market and market trends a select group of Realtors® makes an additional commitment to leadership training.  NETAR has two primary leadership programs that include training in problem solving, team building and developing stronger communication skills – the cornerstones of enhanced current and future individual and collective success.


The first - Leadership 1.0 - is for real estate professionals honing their leadership skills and those taking their first steps to becoming the profession's and association's high-performers and leaders

A separate program, Leadership 2.0 is what the name implies and comprises Realtors® who have committed to an advanced phase of local leadership training.

During the recent winter Membership meeting NETAR graduated this year's leadership classes.

The group in Leadership 1.0 included: Darla Flaherty, Felica Conners, Stephen Galyen, Val George, Rhena Gross, Ryan McKinney, Billy Miller, Gemma Mottern, Manual Steffey and Rita Vestal. LeeAnn Mahaffey was this year's chair.

Leadership 2.0 was chaired by Kathy Oakes and this year's graduates include: Lauren Clemson, Summer Caldwell, Gwen Lilley, Sherry Ludecker, Kim Keith, Ginger Nixon, Becky Rockwell and Michael Walker


Nurturing Realtor® leaders and their skills is an ongoing effort on the national, state and local level. It's a commitment on both the collective and individual levels for professional development.  It's also one of the critical components of Realtors'® commitment to give the profession firm footing in a fast-paced and evolving industry, as the voice for real estate, and the ever-watchful eye to enhance and protect property rights.

NETAR's leadership graduates have demonstrated their willingness to step up to those challenges. And as they join the cadre of past graduates, preparations are under way to continue the tradition with next year's leadership candidates.