December 30, 2018

Thanks to NETAR’s members, affiliates and others who made 2018 one of my best years


Today is the last day of my presidency at the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors®(NETAR).  Karen Randolph picks up the reins tomorrow. She’s fired-up and has an avalanche of new ideas that she will start cascading very shortly. It should be an exciting year.

Aaron Taylor
2018 NETAR President

I'm looking forward to my new status as the immediate past president and getting back to my business full-time. At the same time, there are many things - I will miss.

Being the president of the largest trade organization in Northeast Tennessee is a demanding proposition. It's a two-year process that offers many rewards and takes a toll on your business.

Much of the year as president-elect is devoted to leadership training and deciding who will be committee chair persons and working with NETAR's staff. There's also a lot of classes and networking with incoming presidents at other associations and the staffs at Tennessee Association of Realtors® and the National Association of Realtors®.

I was lucky to be president during a record year for NETAR and the local housing market.

Home sales have moved beyond their pre-recession levels. Annual sales have increased every year since 2011. Prices have also appreciated. November’s average sales price was 28.7 percent higher than it was November 2008 – the year before the Great Recession hit the local economy. Of course, Realtors® had to struggle with the lowest inventory many can remember this past year. But – as always – they rose to the challenge to post another record sales year.

The housing market wasn’t the only thing that saw dramatic growth in 2018. NETAR was recognized on the state and national levels for our contributions to the Realtor® Party and its varied efforts to represent the real estate industry and property rights. NETAR’s membership also reached a new high as did the number of our all-important affiliates.

Thanks to a lot of staff work and Education Committee leadership, NETAR made significant gains in its role of accommodating its members the opportunity to satisfy their educational requirements and expand their professional standing through additional training for professional certificates and designations. Continuing education is a big part of the real estate profession that only those in the industry see. It's necessary because the industry is constantly changing, and agents must keep their edge to better serve their clients in this complex world or real estate transactions.

During the year NETAR also increased its status as the voice for real estate in Northeast Tennessee with increased media coverage and its social media and web presence. It's an important function because real estate and its associated businesses are among the region's major economic players – a role that is too often overlooked.

 Of course, none of these accomplishments would have been possible without the support and hard work of the Board of Directors, the Associations' committees, task forces, and staff. The president may get to stand at the podium and hold the gavel, but it's the often-unnoticed other professionals who do the heavy lifting.