January 22, 2017
BY ERIC KISTNER Wow! A billion dollars in real estate sales in 2016. 
That's the combined sales volume for previously owned, single-family homes, condominiums and townhomes in the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors'® Trends Report. It's first and a huge benchmark for the local real estate industry. It's also a solid contribution to the...
January 15, 2017
BY ERIC KISTNER As we head into this new year, expect to read and hear a lot about the financial and social benefits of homeownership from the Northeast Tennessee and National Associations of Realtors®.
The reason is simple. The political climate is ripe for much needed regulations and tax reforms. But the reality of politics is a tornado of...
January 8, 2017
BY ERIC KISTNER There was a time, and it wasn't too long ago when marketing real estate followed a cut-and-dried template.  It included an ad in the paper and the homes magazine, some yard signs, an open house and waiting for the phone to ring. But those days are long gone. 
Today's real estate market is a tableau of the old and new. It...
January 1, 2017
Before the presidential election, many real estate professions thought the local housing market would see sales ease from a 2016 record pace and fall in line with the region's conservative price gains. Most still hold to that prediction but think it will happen later instead of sooner this year. That reasoning is simple. President-...
December 24, 2016
By MARSHA STOWELL Well, 2016 is just about over. Technically I have another seven days as the president of the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors®.  However, I've been in what politicians call lame duck status since the first of the month when I presided over my last Board of Directors meeting and passed the gavel to incoming President Eric Kistner at his installation.   
December 18, 2016
Spurred by a mortgage rate increase and the realization more are on the way, the local housing market is off and running again.  Well, actually it only slowed down a little. Home sales have been on a tear this year. November was the 19th straight month of year-over-year increases, and it was a big increase.  Closings were 18.8%...