October 28, 2018
Aaron Taylor 2018 NETAR President
Drive by the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors® (NETAR) office in Gray and on most days, you'll see a crowded parking lot.  When the association or the multiple listing service isn't conducting new member orientations or - in concert with affiliates – hosting lunch and learns or seminars...
October 21, 2018
By AARON TAYLOR September home sales saw the expected seasonal swoon from August, but the local housing market is still in growth mode.
Aaron Taylor 2018 NETAR President
Let's look at a few numbers from the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors® Trends Report (NETAR) and Realtor® Property Resource® (RPR) for some context to the volatile month-over...
October 14, 2018
By AARON TAYLOR Despite the days in the upper 80s the seasons have changed and fall is upon us. It's the season when the housing market typically begins winding down from the prime buying and selling season. And while you have to look at the local market numbers real close, all the signs of a slowing market are there, which always prompts the question: Which is the best season to sell, or buy, a home....
October 7, 2018
By AAON TAYLOR When Millennials reached the prime age to become first-time home buyers a majority of them said they had no idea that they had to pay a bundle of closing fees in additon to the cost of buying the property.
Aaron Taylor 2018 NETAR President
Things haven't changed much since then – at least not about closing costs. And Millennials are not the only buyers who...
September 30, 2018
By AARON TAYLOR It was inevitable that mortgage interest rates would sooner-or-later begin moving higher. At the end of last week rates moved up for the fourth week in a row and there were no signs of abating.  The Freddie Mac 30-year fixed rate stood at 4.65 percent with an average of 0.5 points. But there is hope. Freddie Mac, Fannie May and the National Association of Home Builders expect to see some stability regarding rate...
September 23, 2018
By AARON TAYLOR Northeast Tennessee's Housing Market is a lot like the Energizer Bunny. Its record sales pace is still going strong when other markets – even some of the hottest markets in the nation are slowing down. August is the current example.
Aaron Taylor 2018 NETAR President
Year-over-year sales of single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums...