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Northeast Tennessee Association of REALTORS®

Strategic Plan



The mission of the Northeast Tennessee Association of REALTORS® (NETAR) is to serve our members through education, professionalism and legislative involvement while being the Voice of real estate for our community.


  1. ADVOCACY GOAL. NETAR is the leading advocate for private property rights and real property ownership in the market area and is recognized as such by members, the public, media, elected and appointed officials.


  1. Objective: Maintain existing high levels of RPAC fundraising through dues billing. Maintain participation of RPAC investors to 60% of membership. Develop a culture of RPAC understanding and participation.
    1. Strategy: Educate on member political education to increase awareness regarding the benefits of RPAC and how RPAC will positively impact (i) the members’ ability to be profitable, (ii) issues related to the ownership, use and transfer of real property; and (iii) the strength of the real estate market generally.
    2. Strategy: Continue to include an above the line RPAC contribution on the annual dues bill.
    3. Strategy: Target Principal Brokers and ensure they know the value of RPAC. Provide information including a list of potential speakers or videos for the Principal Brokers to use in their offices.
    4. Strategy: Continue strategically targeted office visitations to educate members about NETAR and RPAC specifically; ask for additional participants in RPAC and acquire commitments from the Principal Brokers to set an expectation of participation from the agents working in each office.
    5. Strategy: Promote the value of RPAC at all membership meetings. with prime focus at the Mid-Year General Membership meeting.
    6. Strategy: Utilize Tennessee REALTORS® (TR) and NAR resources that identify legislative “wins” and relate those wins specifically to the market areas served by NETAR, distribute materials at all NETAR functions; dedicate time at NETAR events to discuss realized benefits of investing in RPAC.
    7. Strategy: Publicly recognize RPAC investors who have contributed $99.00 or more (broken out by contribution levels). and include an explanation of the RPAC value proposition.
    8. Strategy: Continue to utilize association communication vehicles to promote RPAC and to encourage member investments in RPAC; provide Principal Brokers with email messages that they can brand and send out to their agents; request brokers and agents to repost and share information through their own social media sites.
    9. Strategy: Hold an annual RPAC fundraiser and utilize NAR RPAC grants to host fundraising functions.
  1. Objective: NETAR will strive to achieve an average of 35% participation rate on TR and NAR Calls for Action.
    1. Strategy: Promote and encourage members to use Realtor and encourage Principal Brokers to share with agents.
    2. Strategy: Create an education program to assist the members in understanding what Calls for Action are, how members can and need to impact the legislation at issue in distributed Calls for Action; promote the reason for issuance and importance of responding to Calls for Action at membership meetings.
    3. Strategy: Utilize all communication tools to promote Calls for Action from TR and NAR.
    4. Strategy: Communicate to Principal Brokers encouraging participation in Calls for Action; provide talking points to Board of Director members to assist them in explaining the benefits and importance of each Call for Action when making calls to Principal Brokers each time a Call for Action is issued.
    5. Strategy: Encourage Principal Brokers to participate in the Broker Involvement Program; utilize the Broker Involvement Program to communicate and activate the TR and NAR Calls for Action; request Principal Brokers to share and repost Calls for Action on their social media sites and in agent meetings if response time permits.


  1. Objective: Support property rights, housing and real property ownership by building relationships with local elected and appointed officials and providing platforms for them to share their positions on economic development and real estate related issues; support REALTOR® friendly candidates with RPAC funding; be the most sought after and trusted source of information for all issues related to the ownership, use or transfer of real property.
    1. Strategy: During an election year invite selected candidates to a NETAR sponsored Legislative Lunch to provide a platform for candidates to discuss their positions on real estate and economic development related issues; in non-election years invite elected officials, including state and federal Congressmen and Senators, to participate in a Legislative Lunch to discuss legislation, actions and activities at the state and federal legislative levels.
    2. Strategy: Share with local, state and federal elected officials trends and statistics in the marketplace; provide the same information to economic development groups, Chamber organizations, etc.
    3. Strategy: Continue local political liaison program for members to communicate with elected officials; report communications to TR and NETAR; encourage all members to foster relationships with local elected and appointed officials and offer information and support related to REALTOR® issues.
    4. Strategy: Encourage members to participate in TR Legislative Day activities.
    5. Strategy: NETAR REALTOR® Political Involvement Committee to conduct candidate interviews through written questionnaires for select positions and utilize the responses to determine which candidates to fund with RPAC dollars; investigate conducting face to face interviews.
    6. Strategy: Utilize RPAC to fund local selected candidates; goal is to use 100% of the RPAC funds allocated to NETAR.
    7. Strategy: Encourage members to run for local political office and support their campaign efforts.


  1. Objective: NETAR will expand its advocacy goals through the selective utilization of state and national resources and as a result will have a meaningful impact on local ordinances, laws and policy issues.
    1. Strategy: If needed, apply for and utilize Issues Mobilization funding to address issues impacting real property ownership in Northeast Tennessee and the surrounding areas served by NETAR.
    2. Strategy: Investigate, identify and apply for My REALTOR® Party grants to address issues impacting real estate and the real estate industry (e.g., smart growth, homeownership, diversity, Place Maker, etc.); plan and execute programs utilizing the grants received.
    3. Strategy: Investigate additional My REALTOR® Party non-financial resources and annually utilize as many of those resources as feasible.


  1. CONSUMER OUTREACH GOAL. NETAR is a valuable resource known for high quality communications, outreach activities, and an ability to engage the citizens benefitting those communities.


  1. Objective: NETAR will be the “Voice for Real Estate” in Northeast Tennessee and the surrounding market area and will promote market statistics and/or real estate trends and related issues focusing its communications on the impact on consumers.
    1. Strategy: Seek earned media on a consistent basis by issuing press releases; share NAR research on the website and social media sites which have been modified to reflect local context, Publish a weekly President’s Column in Johnson City Press, Greeneville Sun, Kingsport Times News and numerous other local newspapers and electronic media outlets to share information about residential and commercial market statistics, trends in the industry, interesting information about the marketplace and properties, the importance of using a REALTOR®, recognizing award recipients, and humanitarian works of members in the community.
    2. Strategy: Seek and respond to interview opportunities (particularly in civic organization and economic development forums) for the President or the President’s discretionary designee ensuring visibility of community services performed by the members and association, demonstrating expertise of the REALTOR® community served by NETAR, stressing the impact of real estate to the community and local economy; utilize media opportunities to provide context to local real estate data and other real estate related information.
    3. Strategy: Issue press releases when an issue or event warrants distribution of information to the community or to recognize REALTOR® members.
    4. Strategy: Create a speakers bureau utilizing members who are involved in various chamber and other community and civic organizations to share information about the industry; NETAR to provide talking points to members so that they deliver consistent messaging; ask members to report back information that will be of importance or concern to NETAR and its members.
    5. Strategy: Create an annual “State of Real Estate” report for dissemination to various media outlets.
    6. Strategy: Embed the free REAL Estate Today radio audio player to NETAR's website so consumers can hear the show digitally each week (
    7. Strategy: Add the free REALTOR® Content Resource widget to NETAR’s consumer facing website to stream original homeownership content from (


  1. Objective: Enhance the image of NETAR REALTORS® and promote the value proposition of using a REALTOR® through engagement in activities that benefit the communities served by NETAR’s members.
  1. Strategy: Continue periodic community involvement activities and post information about the activities, including photos, using NETAR’s social media and website.
  2. Strategy: Re-visit community involvement activities and investigate increased participation in the community.
  3. Strategy: Publish a year end “social responsibility report” compiling totals of hours donated to charitable and civic organizations and financial contributions made by REALTORS® in NETAR.
  4. Strategy: Continue to award the Mark Keesecker Humanitarian Award one time each year; ensure a press release is distributed for appropriate media coverage.


  1. Objective: Invest in the communities served by NETAR’s members through the organization of human resources or participating in fundraising activities for the benefit of local charitable/community organizations.
    1. Strategy: Plan and implement at least one unique fundraising activity for the benefit of a local charity or charities.
    2. Obtain earned media opportunities through issuance of press releases and inviting media to the events.


  1. Objective: Involve the community in advocacy efforts for the benefit of the communities and citizens living in those communities.
    1. Strategy: Develop coalitions with other local associations as well as allied industry organizations to promote positive or defeat negative proposals and ordinances impacting real estate.


  1. MEMBER SERVICES GOAL. NETAR is recognized for providing superior membership value based upon high quality customer service and valuable, relevant services to members.


  1. Objective: NETAR will encourage members to improve their skills and professionalism by providing high quality educational resources to members.
    1. Strategy: Provide valuable and needed education to the members.
    2. Continue to offer professional standards training.
  2. Objective: NETAR is recognized by members as being technologically advanced and as an association which provides members with high quality technology based services.
    1. Strategy: Hold a technology fair for education of the members about the latest in technology products and services.
    2. Strategy: Hold beginning and advanced classes in social media usage.
    3. Strategy: Produce online tutorials on best practices for technology.
    4. Strategy: Produce a webinar on how to read social media analytics and what they mean; link webinar to the website.
    5. Strategy: Produce training program on how the Code of Ethics impacts technology usage
    6. Strategy: Utilize a survey source to gauge success of programs and interests of members.
  3. Objective: NETAR will continue to engage members in association activities by encouraging member involvement and creating leadership development opportunities for the members. Foster culture of helping others.
    1. Strategy: Continue to conduct New Member Orientation; recognize new members at membership meetings; create a Board of Director liaison or mentorship program to personally engage with the new members.
    2. Strategy: Continue a YPN program and charge the group with leading important programs for the association.
    3. Strategy: Continue to hold Affiliate “After Hours” social and networking events.
    4. Strategy: Identify either the broker or a designated agent who will promote the association in their office and encourage participation in NETAR events.
    5. Strategy: Recognize members for their contributions to NETAR and the community at the quarterly membership meetings and on the Face Book page; send press releases to the media for public recognition of members when appropriate.
    6. Strategy: Continue annual Leadership NETAR program benefitting REALTORS® and affiliates by providing leadership training, team building, personality profile experience, public speaking training, etc. Encourage members to apply and complete the program; continue requiring one member of the class to speak about the experience at the graduation ceremony.
    7. Strategy: Publish a description of committees, the members who volunteer on those committees and distribute to the members via the website and on the FaceBook page;
    8. Strategy: Ensure that members understand the business value of volunteerism.
    9. Strategy: Each board member to invite not less than one previously uninvolved member to each NETAR function, including quarterly membership meetings; solicit additional participation through email to members.
    10. Strategy: Officers, committee chairs and committee vice chairs to identify members with needed skills, interests and talents, personally invite those members to volunteer for committee service and other volunteer activities.


  1. Objective: Ensure appropriate resources to manage technology and technology communications; continue a comprehensive plan for member communications incorporating traditional as well as new or emerging communication platforms; maximize the mobile revolution and engage NETAR’s members through their mobile devices.
    1. Strategy: Ensure that website remains mobile enabled and ADA approved.


Strategic Plan Certification

This Strategic Plan includes Advocacy and Consumer Outreach, and has been officially adopted by the Board of Directors of the Association. It will be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors and submitted to NAR for approval.


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Reviewed 4/10/2018