Webinar at your Home or Office-Preparing For Success During a Recession

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Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Webinar at your Home or Office
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Preparing For Success During a Recession


General Information

Join us on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 2:00 PM Eastern | 1:00 PM Central | 12:00 PM Mountain | 11:00 AM Pacific for the RRC webinar, Preparing For Success During a Recession, presented by Dale Carlton, CRS.

$55 Non-Members | $25 Members

What to Expect

Many are predicting the next recession to begin within the next 24 months, although not all of the economist are in agreement. No matter when the next recession begins real estate agents can take steps now that will not only prepare them for a recession, but will also establish guiding principles for future retirement. During this webinar we will look at key steps that can be taken now to help soften the impact of the recession such as paying off certain debts, cutting specific costs, fixing real estate interest rates long-term, increasing reserve funds, and preparing to invest.

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to reduce monthly costs and what areas to focus on for savings.
  • Identify the sweet spot in the market that may provide the best opportunity during a recession.
  • Determine what debts to payoff and what to consolidate.
  • Prepare investors for upcoming opportunities.

Additional Takeaways:

  • Identify the areas of real estate that should be most focused on during a recession.
  • Understand how to prepare investors for recession opportunities.
  • Determine how to reduce costs and pay off debt to prepare for a recession.