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Commercial real estate continues above pre-pandemic performance

By Don Fenley / October 14, 2021

Commercial real estate (CRE) transactions hit a slump in September but it didn’t dent the local market’s momentum. So far this year, completed sales and leases are up 63.4%. The…

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Tri-Cities commercial real estate activity hits high point

By Don Fenley / September 13, 2021

 Tri-Cities commercial real estate had one of its best-ever months in August.  There were 64 commercial leases and sales, up 82.9 percent from last year. It’s also noteworthy that activity in the Commercial-Retail and…

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Local commercial real estate market heads for banner year

By Don Fenley / August 12, 2021

Commercial real estate scored another strong month in July with the Retail-Commercial and Office Sector accounting for almost half of all transactions. Transactions were up 96.6 percent from July last year, according to the Northeast Tennessee…

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Commercial real estate gains momentum despite June slump

By Don Fenley / July 12, 2021

The local commercial real estate (CRE) market continues gaining momentum despite a June transaction decline. The decline from May was the steepest drop in the past three years. But it is not representative of the mid-year trend.  Reasons vary, but most of the…

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Commercial real estate has best month so far this year

By Don Fenley / June 14, 2021

Tri-Cities commercial real estate posted its best month so far this year in May. There were 59 transactions. Last year there were 25.  So far this year there have been 226 transactions,…

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Local commercial real estate picks up momentum

By Don Fenley / May 11, 2021

Commercial real estate transactions were up 65 percent from last year in April.  Transactions have more than doubled during the past two months, with a notable April increase in the retail-commercial sector, according to the Northeast Tennessee Association…

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March sees strong growth for Tri-Cities commercial real estate

By Don Fenley / April 9, 2021

Tri-Cities commercial real estate saw its best month in over a year in March. Transactions were up 71.9 percent in the wake of a dramatic increase in office sector activity.…

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Local commercial real estate gains momentum

By Don Fenley / March 11, 2021

Commercial real estate (CRE) gained some local momentum in February. Transactions were up from January. Year-to-date transactions were better than the first two months of last year. And listing traffic…

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Tri-Cities commercial real estate continues slow recovery

By Don Fenley / February 8, 2021

The Tri-Cities’ commercial real estate (CRE) market continued eking out a slow recovery in January despite continued economic challenges. Transactions and new listings were up from last year, and the…

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Tri-Cities 2020 commercial real estate transactions up

By Don Fenley / January 11, 2021

     Office, industrial, vacant land deals were market’s leaders It wasn’t a big increase, but during a year that saw the worst crash since the Great Depression, the local commercial…

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