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Last year’s local commercial transactions down 19.6%

By Don Fenley / January 29, 2024

Local commercial real estate transactions were down 19.6% in 2023. And while it wasn’t the best of years from a transaction standpoint, it was a pretty good year. It was…

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Headwinds blunt commercial real estate transactions

By Don Fenley / November 14, 2023

Early fourth quarter commercial real estate transactions typically signal the close the year and a preview for the coming year’s strong start. But not this year. The region is engulfed…

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Growth gives local commercial real estate new vibe

By Don Fenley / October 23, 2023

Growth is giving much of NE Tenn. and SW Va. a new look. While it’s more defined in some areas than others, there’s no mistaking the change. Some are almost…

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National firms put more pressure on local mom-and-pop firms

By Don Fenley / September 21, 2023

Here’s a trend many consumers will applaud. More national brand tenants are coming to or expanding in the Tri-Cities.  And it’s a trend that is and will continue putting more…

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Strip centers commercial real estate’s hot item

By Don Fenley / August 14, 2023

Strip centers are one of the hottest tickets in the Tri-Cities area – and US – commercial real estate these days. High occupancy rates have become the norm, according to…

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Commercial real estate deals down, market resilient

By Don Fenley / July 14, 2023

GRAY – Commercial real estate transitions in June and the first half of this year have been tepid while the overall market has remained resilient, according to the Northeast Tennessee…

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Local commercial real estate deals in the slow lane

By Don Fenley / June 16, 2023

May was another month of pause for local commercial real estate transactions. The FED eased some economic uncertainty with its pass on what would have been the 11th straight interest…

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Local commercial real estate weathering economy’s volatility

By Don Fenley / May 15, 2023

GRAY – Despite a transactions slump, concerns over bank reactions to stress from a spat of bank failures, and inflation fears the local commercial real estate outlook is positive. Here’s the…

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Investors keep local commercial real estate market buzzing 

By Don Fenley / March 14, 2023

GRAY, TN – February was the second straight month commercial transactions have been stagnant when compared to last year. But there’s background activity that the public never sees or hears…

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Commercial transactions down, interest in area remains strong 

By Don Fenley / February 15, 2023

GRAY, TN – Commercial Realtors report they are busy – some busier than last year – while transactions in the Tri-Cities area got off to a slow 2023 start.  Completed…

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