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Strong fundamentals move local commercial market forward 

By Don Fenley / May 16, 2022

The local commercial real estate (CRE) market continues moving forward despite higher interest rates and inflation. According to the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors (NETAR) and the National Association of…

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Local commercial estate expected to do well despite higher interest rates 

By Don Fenley / April 21, 2022

Local commercial real estate (CRE) transaction activity was slightly higher than February and down 20% from March last year. First-quarter activity was unchanged from last year.   “Transaction activity alone is…

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Feb. was soft month for commercial real estate transactions

By Don Fenley / March 14, 2022

Commercial real estate transactions were flat last month, according to the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors (NETAR).  “There were seven fewer leases and sales than January and three fewer than…

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Local commercial real estate up 52%, good outlook for 2022

By Don Fenley / February 16, 2022

The Tri-Cities commercial real estate market kicked off the new year with a 52% increase in transactions as last year’s growing demand extended into the new year.  Cassie Petzoldt said…

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Local commercial real estate sales, leases at a new high

By Don Fenley / January 12, 2022

Local commercial real estate transactions ended 2021 at a decade high and are expected to perform well despite the prospects of higher interest rates.  Transactions from listings on the two…

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Local commercial real estate up 44.1%

By Don Fenley / December 14, 2021

November’s regional commercial real estate market continued its recovery momentum with a 44.1% increase over last year’s transaction performance. So far this year, all but one sector has surpassed market performance during the first 11 months…

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Local commercial real estate recovery gains momentum

By Don Fenley / November 11, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic ravaged some commercial real estate sectors, but overall the market has bounced back. Investors have made a record number of local leases and sales so far this year.  “There were 43 transactions finalized in October. That…

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Commercial real estate continues above pre-pandemic performance

By Don Fenley / October 14, 2021

Commercial real estate (CRE) transactions hit a slump in September but it didn’t dent the local market’s momentum. So far this year, completed sales and leases are up 63.4%. The…

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Tri-Cities commercial real estate activity hits high point

By Don Fenley / September 13, 2021

 Tri-Cities commercial real estate had one of its best-ever months in August.  There were 64 commercial leases and sales, up 82.9 percent from last year. It’s also noteworthy that activity in the Commercial-Retail and…

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Local commercial real estate market heads for banner year

By Don Fenley / August 12, 2021

Commercial real estate scored another strong month in July with the Retail-Commercial and Office Sector accounting for almost half of all transactions. Transactions were up 96.6 percent from July last year, according to the Northeast Tennessee…

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