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Local commercial real estate weathering economy’s volatility

By Don Fenley / May 15, 2023

GRAY – Despite a transactions slump, concerns over bank reactions to stress from a spat of bank failures, and inflation fears the local commercial real estate outlook is positive. Here’s the…

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Investors keep local commercial real estate market buzzing 

By Don Fenley / March 14, 2023

GRAY, TN – February was the second straight month commercial transactions have been stagnant when compared to last year. But there’s background activity that the public never sees or hears…

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Commercial transactions down, interest in area remains strong 

By Don Fenley / February 15, 2023

GRAY, TN – Commercial Realtors report they are busy – some busier than last year – while transactions in the Tri-Cities area got off to a slow 2023 start.  Completed…

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2022 was another banner year for multi-family sales

By Don Fenley / January 12, 2023

GRAY, Tenn. – Last year was the year for multi-family sales in the Tri-Cities area. They replaced the office sector as the top area commercial real estate performer, according to…

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Tri-Cities area commercial real estate transaction trend down 32%

By Don Fenley / December 13, 2022

GRAY, Tenn. – Commercial estate transactions for the first 11 months of this year have slowed in the face of rising inflation, household income squeezes, and geopolitical events. It was…

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Local commercial real estate up 3% so far this year

By Don Fenley / October 12, 2022

GRAY, Tenn. – Tri-Cities area September real estate transactions are up 3% for the first nine months of this year and down 11% from September last year. The local transaction…

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Year-to-date commercial real estate transactions up 54%

By Don Fenley / September 12, 2022

GRAY, Tenn. – Tri-Cities commercial real estate (CRE) transactions continued a steady growth pattern in August. So far this year, 393 transactions have been finalized for a 54.7 percent improvement…

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Multi-family sales heat up commercial market  

By Don Fenley / August 17, 2022

GRAY, Tenn. – Tri-Cities commercial real estate transactions were almost 11 percent better than the first seven months last year. July’s sales and leases were the same volume as July…

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Commercial real estate posts solid mid-year gains 

By Don Fenley / July 19, 2022

June’s commercial real estate transactions were down from May’s total while posting strong (up 50%) year-over-year and six-month trend gains. The local mid-year growth rate is 13.4% better than the…

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May commercial real estate transactions up 16.9%  

By Don Fenley / June 14, 2022

Higher interest rates and inflation have had mixed effects on the local commercial real estate (CRE) market so far this year.   Transactions were up for the third straight month in…

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