NETAR is a Trade Association that creates a means for  REALTORS® to interact to the mutual benefit of all concerned. Funded by dues made by the members, the trade association often functions as a means of enhancing the public image of the industry in general, or providing a unified voice to lobby on matters of legislation that are anticipated to have an impact on the industry. Along with these two important functions, NETAR provides a forum to educate the general public about Real Estate.

NETAR is set up as a non-profit organization. This makes it possible for companies involved in the Real Estate to work together on issues of common concern. Our organization helps to protect the integrity of an industry, set standards that all members must abide by in order to be considered in good standing. Failure to comply on the standards set and maintained by the peer group who operate the trade association can lead to exclusion from the association and lose a great deal of credibility in the eyes of the buying public.

The trade organization often provides the mechanism necessary to make the voice of the industry known in the law making process. NETAR works with the state and national associations in promoting legislation that is anticipated to be in the best interests of the industry or to may lobby against legislation that is perceived as being detrimental to the real estate industry in some manner. NETAR also attempts to educate the public and generate interest in real estate. Rather than focusing on the wares of a particular company, our association is engaging in a publicity campaigns that promote a positive REALTOR image to consumers . Part of that approach is accomplished by providing facts and figures that consumers can readily grasp. This  education effort will pave the way for the increased business for the individual members.

These combined efforts by NETAR, the Education Committee and our affiliates often sponsor educational opportunities to members.

NETAR Commercial Multiple Listing Service Membership

CMLS is the commercial component of NETAR. Its listings are part of a national commercial multiple listing service. Any REALTOR® can join CMLS. The principal broker must be a firm member. Membership is an open door to network with the region's commercial REALTOR®,  access to 50 approved commercial forms, three programs a year that focus on the region's economy and commercial real estate plus education workshops and seminars. Dues are $264 bi annually.

Explore becoming a member, CMLS member or affiliate by contacting us at 423-477-0040.  It's part of a national commercial multiple listing service that also serves the regional commercial real estate market.