Conference Room Rental

Rental Fee (Members): $200 per Day

Rental Fee (Nonmember): $400 per Day

Room Size: Approximately 50-75 People

(If you want to rent the small board room, please text us at 423.477.0040.)

Hours: Set-up cannot occur prior to 9 AM as our offices open at 9 AM.

Special Requests:

  • Room Setup: ($50.00 for Special Setup)* Room comes as NETAR has it at that time. You will need to set it up to the needs of your event and then return the room to how it was. If not, the $50.00 setup fee will be applied.

**You must text/call NETAR at 423.477.0040 to confirm availability. Additionally, by submitting the form below, the rental is pending confirmation by NETAR.**