New Member Journey

Welcome to NETAR and congratulations on becoming a REALTOR®! As the Chief Executive Officer of NETAR, I would personally like to thank you for joining our association of over 1500 members and growing! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally if any issues arise. NETAR is your partner for success!

Wishing you Success! - Edithann Wadewitz, RCE

The below steps are designed to help you jumpstart your career in real estate while meeting the requirements of your REALTOR membership. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to text us at 423.477.0040. Additionally, once you complete all of the steps below, please complete the form below letting NETAR know that you have completed your new member orientation requirement. Look for all of the Click Here parts as they are action items for you to complete. The NETAR New Member Journey is mandatory from NAR and is in agreement with the application you submitted.

You have 90 DAYS to complete the steps with an (*).

1 - Register for NAR (National Association of REALTORS®)*

Click here to go to NAR's website to register your account. Be sure to click 'Register' after going to the website.


2 - Complete NAR New Member Orientation*

NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) is a part of your membership with NETAR. Please click here to complete the New Member Orientation module. Once you start this orientation, you have 30 days to complete it.


3 - Register for TR (Tennessee REALTORS®)*

Click here to go to TR's website to register. Please wait approximately 2 hours after registering at NAR's website. Tennessee REALTORS® Welcomes You - Click Here to Watch.

4 - Complete Code of Ethics ("COE")*

You must also complete your Code of Ethics (“COE”) class before you attend orientation and email proof of your completion to The class is free online from NAR - Click Here for COE Free Online Class


5 - Register & Attend NETAR'S New Member Classes*

Click here to register for the class that is convenient for you. 


6 - Visit

Please visit to find all things related to NETAR including a calendar of events with registration links, resources to help you along the way, and much more! Please don't hesitate to text us at 423.477.0040 at any time! We are here to help you be successful! Please see a list below of helpful links on our website that will help you stay informed on the market and updated on all things NETAR.

Market Analytics - Click Here

Education & Events - Click Here

Business Partners - Click Here

Articles & News - Click Here


7 - Register for Forewarn (Free Safety App)

Go to the following link to register for Forewarn. Forewarn is a free safety app that is provided as a benefit to NETAR members. Click Here to learn more.


8 - FREE - Technology Hotline

Click Here to learn about our free technology service - another member benefit we provide!


9 - Apply to Join the TN/VA Regional MLS (Residential)

Click Here to submit your application.


10 - Apply to Join the NETARCMLS (Commercial)

Click Here to submit your application - optional.


11 - Legal Issues Video Series

Click Here to watch some important videos pertaining to legal issues in real estate.


12 - Membership Marks Manual

Click Here to see information on REALTOR Brand.