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MARKET PULSE – Don’t overlook mobile home market demand

By Don Fenley / March 3, 2024

Mobile homes used to be the undisputed red-headed stepchild of the housing market, but that’s changing. Last year, there were 513 mobile home sales in the counties the Northeast Tennessee…

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MARKET PULSE – FHA loans gaining market share of home sales

By Don Fenley / February 26, 2024

With all the changes that have rippled through the housing market, one that is often overlooked is financing. While there are few big changes in how buyers are paying, when…

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MARKET PULSE – Condo/townhome market off to a slow start

By Don Fenley / February 18, 2024

Market Pulse 2-18 Condominium sales got off to a slow start last month. They matched last year’s performance, but were down 22% (six sales) from December. So was the $201,153…

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MARKET PULSE – $1 million housing market off to good start

By Don Fenley / February 11, 2024

The regions’ million-dollar home sales club kicked off 2024 with four sales. It would have been six, but two dropped below the $1 million mark when owners reduced their asking…

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Market Pulse – Outlooks shifting toward 2024 home price increases

By Don Fenley / January 29, 2024

There’s a slow, but broad shift in 2024 housing market outlooks and it falls in line with the Tri-Cities regional on-the-ground fundamentals.’s economic division headlined a report that “The…

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MARKET PULSE – Million dollar, luxury home sales post robust year

By Don Fenley / January 22, 2024

Three million dollar plus residential sales closed in December, bringing the Tri-Cities area annual top-of-the market residential sales total to 59. Last year’s top sale was in Kingsport for $4.4…

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Market Pulse – How Much Impact Did Cash Sales Have?

By Don Fenley / January 15, 2024

One of the first things that pops out when reviewing how existing home sales were financed last year is the share of cash sales wasn’t as great as the attention…

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MARKET PULSE – Are new residents shifting into slower-growth mode?

By Don Fenley / January 7, 2024

The U-Haul Growth Index has been welcome news in the Tri-Cities since the pandemic. That was especially true in 2020, when the Tri-Cities area was at the top of state…

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Market Pulse – Lower Mortgage Rate May Nudge 10,000 Locals To Re-enter Housing Market

By Don Fenley / December 31, 2023

Housing analysts expect 10,408 Tri-Cities area residents will return to the market if mortgage rates settle at 6.5% in 2024. The two included charts from the National Association of Realtors…

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MARKET PULSE – Condo sales inch up, prices decline

By Don Fenley / December 17, 2023

Condos barely held onto a sales upswing in November while prices continued falling from their September peak. According to the Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors (NETAR), there were 29 sales…

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