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Local cash sales continue in 30% of all sales range 

By Don Fenley / December 5, 2021

Tri-Cities all-cash home sales mirrored the third-quarter national level, but they part paths when compared to their highest previous levels.  The third-quarter U.S. cash deals were at their highest level since the first quarter of 2015. Local cash…

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Condo sales down, prices up 12%

By Don Fenley / November 28, 2021

Condominium sales remain a hot ticket in the local existing home sales market.  So far this year, 469 condo sales have closed compared to 501 during the first 10 months of last…

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Home sales energizing overall local economy

By Don Fenley / November 21, 2021

So far this year, the sales volume for existing home sales reported by NETAR’s Home Sales Report is $1.9 billion. While that’s a big number, there’s more to the real estate’s impact on the…

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Housing continues to outperform the rest of the economy

By Don Fenley / November 14, 2021

Home prices and mortgage rates are both climbing. But buyers have shrugged it off for most parts as the housing market continues to stay in front of the rest of the local economy with few –…

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Market begins normalizing – seller’s market expected to continue

By Don Fenley / November 7, 2021

October was the seventh-month inventory has stabilized. It was slightly lower than the previous month but the trend continues to show a steady increase.  The same thing can be seen for the median time a home…

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Where the market has taken home prices

By Don Fenley / October 31, 2021

Homeowners who sold in September pocked $26,000 more than those who sold in September last year. But if you look at the average sales price the gain it’s almost $40,000.   The median offers a better picture than…

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Communities with increased market share of home sales

By Don Fenley / October 24, 2021

Market share is a key indicator of a company’s competitiveness. The market share of home sales is also an indicator of how communities or even neighborhoods are growing or declining.  That…

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Strong market absorbing limited townhome-condo inventory

By Don Fenley / October 17, 2021

Unlike the single-family existing home market’s slowly increasing active inventory the townhome and condo inventory is slowly declining. The sales price has increased by double digits like the single-family market.  There were 83…

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Active inventory trend shows more homes coming on market

By Don Fenley / October 10, 2021

It’s not a quick return to balanced market conditions. Still, the month-over-month trend continues showing more homes are being added to the NE Tenn. – SW Va. active inventory.   September was the sixth straight month…

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Vacant land sales continue at a robust pace

By Don Fenley / October 3, 2021

Mark Twain’s advice to” Buy land, they aren’t making it anymore” is as good advice now as it was in his era. And while they’re not making any more of it, there’s no scarcity of it…

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