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Vacant land sales decline

By Don Fenley / January 29, 2023

There were 2,400 vacant land sales in the Tri-Cities region last year, down 299 from the previous year. The softer market came on the heels of two years of rapid…

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The slow train to more inventory 

By Don Fenley / January 22, 2023

Location, location, location is still dominant in real estate jargon. But inventory, inventory, inventory is right up there with it.  Tri-Cities home sales declined for the first time in a…

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Tri-Cities area high-end, luxury home market growing

By Don Fenley / January 16, 2023

GRAY, Tenn. – Tri-Cities home sales declined for the first time in a decade last year. But the living large in the Tri trend still has legs.  Here’s a brief…

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Market watchers will need extra data tools this year 

By Don Fenley / January 8, 2023

There was a time when real estate market watchers could keep tabs on the time a home spent on the market before selling and the monthly pending sales report and…

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Washington, Hawkins counties’ real estate were standouts coming out of pandemic 

By Don Fenley / January 1, 2023

GRAY, Tenn. – Here’s a benchmarking look back at how the local real estate industry’s GDP looked coming out of the pandemic. GDP is the industry’s total economic output. The…

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Tri-Cities vacant land market slower, not in correction mode 

By Don Fenley / December 18, 2022

Tri-Cities vacant land sales are looking a lot like a market in a typical seasonal pattern. It’s not that much different from other real estate market elements like residential resales…

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Local high-end homes sales picking up activity 

By Don Fenley / December 11, 2022

It’s always interesting to compare the region’s high-end housing to the rest of the market’s performance. November wasn’t an exception because the high-enders are picking up activity as we near…

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Housing inventory takes on new significance  

By Don Fenley / December 4, 2022

GRAY, Tenn. – The Tri-Cities housing market is in an anxious state of equilibrium as it trudges through the last two months of the year. Mortgage rates have doubled with…

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Local condo sales slow, prices increase 

By Don Fenley / November 27, 2022

Local condo sales are slowing the same way single-family sales are slowing. And – just like their single-family cousins, condo prices have increased.  During the first 10 months of this…

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Housing market declining or stabilizing? 

By Don Fenley / November 20, 2022

GRAY, Tenn. – The housing market slowdown the media has been trumpeting for months is here. Tri-Cities home sales are down and tracking at a pre-pandemic level.  All the signposts…

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