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Realtors® have evolving key roles in helping relocation buyers 

By Rick Chantry / October 2, 2022

The surge of new residents that escalated during the pandemic continues to drive the Tri-Cities area housing market and much of the local economy. Questions about who these people are,…

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How useful are all those so-called data-driven housing reports? 

By Rick Chantry / September 25, 2022

Two of the most recent national stories that gave the Northeast Tennessee housing market another 15 minutes of fame were:’s market hotness rankings. The Kingsport-Bristol and Johnson City metro areas were…

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Savvy homeowners getting ready because winter is coming 

By Rick Chantry / September 18, 2022

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is calling it the “season of shivers.” Janice Stillman, the Almanac’s editor, says, “this coming winter could be one of the longest and coldest that we’ve…

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Housing turn-over cycle; a slow road to balanced

By Rick Chantry / September 11, 2022

By RICK CHANTRY  The local housing market is finally showing more signs that it’s stabilizing. Some of the signs are faint, and it would be wishful thinking to expect a…

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How to get the edge on remodeling, home upgrades trend 

By Rick Chantry / September 4, 2022

Existing home shoppers have a preference. They want a home that’s 10 years old or less. But today’s market is not like Burger King’s motto – buyers don’t always get…

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Exercise extra due diligence when buying a flipped home 

By Rick Chantry / August 29, 2022

Local media recently latched onto a Motley Fool report that declared the Tri-Cities two metro areas were among the top five in the U.S. for House flipping in 2022. It…

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Want a killer lawn next year? Now is the time to set it up 

By Rick Chantry / August 21, 2022

Autumn isn’t quite here yet, but early morning and evenings are beginning to feel better with a light sweater. And crowds are already gathering for Friday night high school football.  …

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Unpacking July’s home prices and sales data  

By Rick Chantry / August 14, 2022

July was another month when the local Home Sales Report chronicled new records or had data that was almost a record. That makes it an opportune time to unpack some…

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Unwanted creepy, crawly guest will soon be showing up 

By Rick Chantry / August 7, 2022

It’s hard to believe that kids are heading back to school. That means it also won’t be long before nights turn cooler and legions of unwanted creepy, crawly guests will…

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At a showing? Smile, you may be on camera 

By Rick Chantry / July 31, 2022

The days of having a frank “I like this, or this needs to be fixed” discussion while touring a property are as dead as disco. Odds are you’re on camera…

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