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2021 another record-setting year for housing

By Rick Chantry / January 16, 2022

The books on the 2021 local housing market are almost closed. They’re almost final because the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) numbers for the home sales report were pulled on the…

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The right Realtor® makes buying, selling a lot easier

By Rick Chantry / January 9, 2022

We’re only a week into 2022 and the flood of housing market advice is already cresting. Buy. Sell. Don’t buy now. Don’t sell now. There’s a surge of foreclosures on…

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How well does your home stand up to energy efficiency marketing?

By Rick Chantry / January 2, 2022

At the risk of throwing shade on what has been unseasonal mild weather during Christmas, consider this real estate marketing lesson about the local population’s demographics.   While real estate professionals see 60,000 local Millennials entering prime home-buying…

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Closing the door on 2021

By Kristi Bailey, President / December 26, 2021

As my two years serving you as NETAR President draws to a close, I am incredibly grateful to have been entrusted with this honor, privilege, and responsibility. Was it anything…

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Local real estate data key to good marketing, savvy shopping

By Kristi Bailey, President / December 19, 2021

By KRISTI BAILEY  Eye-popping describes some of the current headlines about real estate. But savvy consumers should be wary.   Most of what is printed or broadcast in the mass media is based on the so-called national market…

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2021 National Commercial Award and Best Bosses

By NETAR / December 17, 2021

Congratulations to Jerry Petzoldt for being honored as one of the recipients of the 2021 National Commercial Awards!  This recognition program honors REALTORS® who received an award or recognition for…

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Sellers will lose some advantage in the moderating market

By Kristi Bailey, President / December 12, 2021

Historically November is a month that sees exceptions to the seasonal slowing trend. This year is no exception. Sales didn’t get a bump as they have in years past, but sales prices did. The median…

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Demographics take bigger role in future housing needs

By Kristi Bailey, President / December 5, 2021

Birth rates are not at the top of the list some REALTORS® think about when mapping out leads for new clients. But that’s not the case in the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Research…

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Does renting make more sense than buying?

By Kristi Bailey, President / November 28, 2021

The temptation to rent for folks who recently retired or will soon retire is understandable. The market’s hot. So, seizing the opportunity to take advantage of all that equity increase…

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What you need to know about buying a flipped house

By Kristi Bailey, President / November 21, 2021

There are many reasons sidelined buyers are looking at the closing months of this year as a good time to buy.  Here are a few of those reasons.  Mortgage rates are bouncing below and…

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