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How to buy a home in a red-hot sellers’ market

By Kristi Bailey, President / January 24, 2021

By KRISTI BAILEY Facebook posts about new listings getting their first offer in less than a day are becoming commonplace. Ditto for examples of homes selling for – or above…

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Beware of scams lurking among Craigslist’s home rentals ads

By Kristi Bailey, President / January 16, 2021

By KRISTI BAILEY We have all heard the adage that “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” This consumer nugget needs extra attention for folks looking…

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Millennials and GenZ stepping up to housing in 2021

By Kristi Bailey, President / January 10, 2021

By KRISTI BAILEY The largest generations in history will step up their influence on the housing industry in 2021.  Millennials have already dominated the first-time buyer ranks, but the leading…

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Looking back at 2020

By Kristi Bailey, President / January 3, 2021

By KRISTI BAILEY As we all celebrated the coming of the new year, all signs pointed to it being a great year of smooth sailing for 2020. Nothing could have…

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Looking for housing info – focus on local, local, local

By Kristi Bailey, President / December 26, 2020

The current headlines about home sales and prices are eye-popping, though customers have become wary.  Firstly, the data set in which we use to calculate statistics is not national; it…

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How well have new FHA financing rules for condos worked?

By Kristi Bailey, President / December 20, 2020

By KRISTI BAILEY New FHA financing rules for condominiums were put in place late last year to open ownership to more first-time buyers. It was a pre-pandemic decision when it…

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2020 a year of rapid change, new housing market records

By Kristi Bailey, President / December 13, 2020

By KRISTI BAILEY In a couple of weeks, we can close the books on the 2020 housing market. Sales and price appreciation are at an all-time high, according to November’s…

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Remodeling is an approach to get what you need and want

By Kristi Bailey, President / December 6, 2020

By KRISTI BAILEY Studies show that many buyers prefer a home 10 years old or less, but that may not always doable in today’s local market.   According to the latest…

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Days on market metric plays dual housing role

By Kristi Bailey, President / November 28, 2020

By KRISTI BAILEY There used to be a real estate rule of thumb that said during normal market conditions meant a six-month inventory of homes for sale, which we have…

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Home prices stay in the double-digit increase zone

By Kristi Bailey, President / November 21, 2020

By KRISTI BAILEY Local home prices have increased by double digits so far this year despite the pandemic, high unemployment, and a hotly contested presidential election. The area median year-to-date…

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