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Smaller housing submarkets on top first-quarter stats

By Kristi Bailey, President / April 11, 2021

Last year demanded a radical new normal for doing business in the housing market. REALTORS® adapted and became leaders for those new best practices. This year, they will do the…

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Local home sales, prices set a blistering pace

By Don Fenley / April 5, 2021

The Tri-Cities area housing market isn’t waiting for the peak spring buying and selling season. March home sales hit a six-month high while the average price in the inventory-starved region…

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Prepping for this year’s prime house selling and buying season

By Kristi Bailey, President / April 4, 2021

There are still some contrarians who think the housing market will crash this year. That’s unlikely. The experts look for an 8 percent price increase this year. That’s down from…

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REALTORS® celebrate fair housing commitment

By Kristi Bailey, President / March 28, 2021

Spring is the time of year when real estate professionals are busy with the beginning of the housing market’s prime buying and selling season. It’s also when they take the…

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Good maintenance protects home value

By Kristi Bailey, President / March 21, 2021

Good maintenance is a significant factor in a home’s value over the long run. While most people have some knowledge of things like cleaning gutters, changing heating and cooling system…

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Thinking about selling your home – now is the time

By Kristi Bailey, President / March 14, 2021

The housing market buzz is focusing on when the current sellers’ market will peak, and signs are flashing; now is the time to sell. A March 3 Market Watch headline…

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Skipping a home inspection before buying could be costly

By Kristi Bailey, President / March 6, 2021

Home inspections are at the top of the headache list for home resales. They rank second only to appraisals. Both can send a deal back to negotiations or cause it…

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Market Pulse – March 1st, 2021

By Don Fenley / March 1, 2021

The average local homeowner who sold last month pocketed an average $37,438 more than someone who sold January last year. That’s a 21.2 percent year-over-year appreciation and better than double…

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Home sales play major role in the local economy

By Kristi Bailey, President / February 21, 2021

Ask anyone how they think the economy is doing and many will point to a stock market update. That’s a good measure of how investors are speculating, but not of…

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It looks like a fiercely competitive prime season

By Kristi Bailey, President / February 14, 2021

Real estate professionals are buckled up for what looks to be a fiercely competitive prime home buying and selling season, based on what they saw in the Northeast Tennessee Association…

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