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Here’s how and how much real estate contributes to the local economy

By Kristi Bailey, President / June 20, 2021

Each year during the month of June, the Northeast Tennessee Association of REALTORS® (NETAR) takes the opportunity to celebrate homeownership by showcasing some of the social and economic benefits that protect and promote the American Dream of homeownership.   Homeownership Month was created both to encourage…

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Is today’s red-hot market overpriced?

By Don Fenley / June 13, 2021

How much – if any – is today’s existing home sales overpriced is a question on the minds of buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals.  It’s a question that will remain unanswered…

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Is the housing market close to a tipping point?

By Kristi Bailey, President / June 13, 2021

Inventory has joined price as a closely watched housing market item. What’s on the market has been steadily declining since 2013. It moved to shortage status late last year, but a silver lining to that cloud is developing.  Early this…

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Homeownership has critical social, economic benefits

By Kristi Bailey, President / June 6, 2021

In 1995 National Homeownership Week began as a strategy of President Bill Clinton’s administration to increase homeownership across the nation. In 2002, President George W. Bush expanded the observance to…

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Price per sq. ft. in tricky home value territory

By Kristi Bailey, President / May 30, 2021

There is no argument that navigating today’s real estate market is complicated. So, it’s easy to see why buyers and sellers are always looking for ways to make things less difficult. Especially when a property’s price is the issue.  A popular concept that is overused and frequently…

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Affordable homes still an active part of this hot market

By Kristi Bailey, President / May 23, 2021

Reports about high prices and the lack of inventory shutting first-time buyers and those looking for affordable homes out of the market are common these days. There’s another side to that story that hasn’t gotten as…

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Why home prices are so hot – is it a bubble?

By Kristi Bailey, President / May 16, 2021

April home sales are running well above pre-pandemic levels. Put comparisons to last year aside because they are what real estate professionals call a “bad comp.” It’s a comparison of today’s vibrant market to one that…

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Competition Drives Homes to Fastest-Ever Sales Pace

By Kristi Bailey, President / May 9, 2021

Homes are selling in record time. The time on market has declined every month this year, and we’re barely into the prime home buying and selling season.  The median time on market in April was…

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Real estate is at the core of the region’s economic recovery

By Kristi Bailey, President / May 2, 2021

 Almost everywhere you look, there’s evidence of a Northeast Tennessee economic revival.  Employers are hiring.  Restaurant parking lots are crowded. Sales tax collections are up. And the local real estate…

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Market Pulse – April 26

By Don Fenley / April 26, 2021

The overall NE Tenn. housing market is hot, hot, hot. But so far this year luxury homes are the hottest of the hot. They have outpaced the growth rate for affordable and mid-price range homes by far thanks to the…

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