Market Pulse – March 8, 2021’s economic forecasting team thinks the market will return to seasonality this year. The typical seasonal patterns were tossed out the window last year as individuals and the markets adjusted to COVID’s effects.

The 2021 forecast calls for a strong spring and summer home buying and selling season. Things are expected to wind down in the fall and winter.

The local seasonal markets historically see fewer sales variances than the national market since the local market is not moved by the school calendar to the same degree as markets with a higher share of families with children.

A 2008 through 2018 study of NE Tenn. – SW Va. home sales by NETAR found:

  • 26 percent closed during the Spring season.
  • 29 percent closed during the Summer season.
  • 26 percent closed during the Fall season.
  • 19 percent closed during the Winter season.