How 2021 population, housing growth rates compare 

Don Fenley 

Last month, new Census data provided a base to compare some regional annual population gains to home sales and prices growth rates.  

Only four of the counties monitored by NETAR had population gains. The county with the highest 2021 growth rate was Hawkins. The county with the highest price growth rate was Greene Co.  

Here’s how those counties’ new population numbers look when the growth rate, number of new residents, annual home sales, and the annual median sales price growth are added to the mix:  


Population up 1% – up 567 people 

Home sales – up 12.6% – up 80 sales 

Median sales price, up 15.8% – up $25,050 


Population up 0.9% – up 1,235 people. 

Home sales – up 0.9% – up 333 sales 

Median sales price, up 17.8% – up $35,500 


Population up 0.7% – 1,102 people 

Home sales – up 9.5% – up 246 sales 

Median sales price, up 13.7% – up $23,500 


Population up 0.7% – 469 people 

Home sales – up 5% – up 42 sales 

Median sales price – up 23.6% – $40,050 

Last year’s total population gain for the region was 3,373. Sales increased by 991 and the median sales price gained $29,900. 

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